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The Business of Selling to Schools
Covering the process of creating a marketing strategy for K12 education.

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Buying Cycle Guide
When you should connect, who you target, and what to say.
Education Marketing Calendar

Education marketing made easy with the definitive guide to when schools buy. 

Don't know where to begin? That's why we put together all the resources you need - now!  A good timeline is to start 12 weeks out from when you want your first communication to begin.  And you will want to understand the unique challenges and priorities of your target audience and tailor each communication.

Marketing to schools, teachers, and administrators is most effective when you understand how the buying cycle works.  Back to school means fresh students, fresh budgets, and a lot going on.  Knowing exactly how to position yourself makes your message stand out.

Digital marketing works best with concise messages - so use this buying cycle to create messages that get to the point in digital and email communications.  Then, work with your account team to build a multi-channel campaign that will get you noticed!