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Whether you are looking for email, direct mail, or telemarketing lists for K12 or HE institutions and personnel - we have you covered. This will be your most effective and affordable marketing tool for your sales and marketing teams. Searching for a list of Principals in a specific district or looking for a list of Administrators nationally? Prospector makes that possible. You can build, download, and deploy to your targeted list based on your criteria and your budget.


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► Quickly create and download targeted direct mail, email and telemarketing lists from any device, any time of the day or night.

► Select from nearly 350,000 Pre-K, K-12 and higher education institutions, more than 6 million education professionals, close to 7,000 public libraries, and 21,000 public library personnel.    

► Refine your list by demographics including type of institution, grade level, state, and job title.   

►Receive free updates to your list for 60 days. For the 12 months after purchasing, you can choose to buy the new records that have been added since you originally created your list – keeping your data up-to-date with new prospects!


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*These lists are for use by sales and marketing professionals*

If you require more customized selects, segmentation, targeting or richer demo- & firmographics please contact a representative.